Grief Counselling

What is Grief?

When someone close to you dies your life is changed in many ways. The time of bereavement following a death is a time to adjust to these changes.

Grief is our natural response to loss in our lives. Everyone grieves differently and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Men and women often show their grief in different ways, and sometimes find it hard to understand or support each other. People of different ages and cultures have different ways of grieving as well.

Some things you may feel:

  • shock or numb
  • angry
  • relieved
  • depressed or lonely
  • resentful
  • guilty
  • confused and forgetful
  • overwhelmed
  • frightened and panicky

Grief is natural after losing a loved one. We are here to assist you in coming to terms with your loss. Death can be a difficult time for the entire family. Not everyone will be able to cope with it at the same pace. Some may require more time for healing than others. And some circumstances may be especially painful.

How We Can Help

A fitting funeral service for your loved one is only the start. It helps you come to terms with the reality that a loved one has passed away. Once the acceptance sets in, so does the grieving process. A funeral helps the living to release their emotions — whether it be anger, sadness or guilt. This is the beginning of the healing process.

With care and compassion we can help you move through the grief. There are a wide variety of resources to help you through this time and we can point you in the right direction. At Howick Funeral Home, we truly understand this and can help you with grief counselling services.

Call us today to find out more about grief counselling services.

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